No. 1 Economy Drive, the most desirable house in Lower Strangling, and also the most expensive.

Lower Strangling is a pretty little village in rural Warwickshire between Warwick and Stratford-Upon-Avon. It’s one of the most visited villages in the world.

Which isn’t surprising, because Lower Strangling is very historically and religiously important.

Historically important because it is known that there have been buildings here since AD 30, with St Gerald the Damned being the only building around today that has existed in some form since then.

There’s also the Hangman’s Noose, a pub that’s been here since 1470, and has been run by the Granger family since then. It has been left virtually unchanged in it’s 550 year history.

The village is religiously important because, if the legend surrounding the church and Joseph of Arimathea are true, then Lower Strangling is one of the most significant Christian sites in the world.

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