Back In the Noose

When John Granger finally returned to his natural habitat; behind the bar of the Hangman’s Noose, Lower Strangling’s signature pub, he was a lot more worried than he thought he’d be. The thought of the new pervasive variant of COVID found in India that was rapidly spreading through England was at the front of hisContinue reading “Back In the Noose”

The Vicar’s Interview

Continues from Chaos at the Lower Strangling Village Hustings. In the end, Humphrey Ellacott won the Warwick District council Warwick North seat for Labour, mainly due to the parents whose children went to the school his son was a teaching assistant at, and liked him. But Labour’s win in Warwick North did not make upContinue reading “The Vicar’s Interview”

The Al Fresco Fiasco

“Well, it’s all good to go,” John said as he observed the tables and chairs laid out in the Hangman’s Noose’s beer garden, ready for when the first visitors arrive. “Are you sure about Philip over there?” Simon asked John whilst looking at the large portrait of the recently deceased Duke of Edinburgh displayed onContinue reading “The Al Fresco Fiasco”


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