Eleanor Goes to Zanzibar

It was the beginning of the new school year, and Eleanor Peterson was already feeling self conscious. She looked around the sports hall at her fellow students sitting cross legged on the floor as she was, waiting for the first assembly. These were the people living in council homes, with parents struggling to make endsContinue reading “Eleanor Goes to Zanzibar”

The Funeral

It was a sunny September morning in Bishops Sedgecester in Kent, and the local church was packed full of people wanting to bid a final farewell to a man who lived for 46 years in Bishops Sedgecester, despite having lived in Sussex for 30 years; Terrence Peterson. “I see that Steve hasn’t graced us withContinue reading “The Funeral”

Goodbye, Mr Peterson

It was a pleasant August afternoon, and Dave, Sarah, Will, and Eleanor Peterson, Dave’s parents Mary and Terrence, and Dave’s brother Jeff were sitting in the living room of Mary and Terrence’s gorgeous 15th Century Manor House in Sussex. Dave, Sarah, Will, and Eleanor usually came to Sussex at the end of August to meetContinue reading “Goodbye, Mr Peterson”

The Vicar’s Holiday

“I have missed this,” the Reverend Simon Abernathy said to himself as he sat on a rock next to Lindisfarne Castle overlooking the most beautiful sunset he had ever seen, as the nearby Seals began to sing. Simon had not set foot on Holy Island in over thirty years, but had longed to return. ThisContinue reading “The Vicar’s Holiday”

The Vicar’s Barbecue

“So, do you miss Fred from time to time?” Robert Sherman asked Noah Campbell, the CEO of Banana Technologies and one of the richest men in England who had decided to come to the vicarage barbecue in Lower Strangling as one of his employees lived there. “Who?” Noah asked. “Berenstain,” Robert said. Noah sighed angrily.Continue reading “The Vicar’s Barbecue”

A Trip to the Garden

Janet Janet Foster owed a debt of gratitude to Oxford Botanic Garden, and Oxford in general. It was here that her life changed for the better. Before she studied Criminology and Criminal Justice at New College, her life had not been very good. She grew up on a farm in Yorkshire, with her mother andContinue reading “A Trip to the Garden”

Drama at the Chief Constable’s Birthday Gathering

“Is everything to your satisfaction?” Charles Thompson, the owner of the Golden Pheasant; the five star luxury hotel in Upper Strangling, Lower Strangling’s more commercialised neighbour, asked Warwickshire Police’s Chief Constable Stuart Kennedy whilst looking at a buffet full of high quality food. “Yes. Everything is top quality as it always is, Charles,” Stuart said.Continue reading “Drama at the Chief Constable’s Birthday Gathering”


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