Residents in Lower Strangling

Dave Peterson

Technician at Banana, the biggest technology company in the UK and the second biggest in the world behind Apple; a cushy office job in central London. He also designed the village’s website which is run by Simon Abernathy; the parish priest.

He has two brothers, Jeff Peterson; the former lead bassist in influential Liverpudlian rock group the Ants, and Steve Peterson; who run away to Sydney in 1987 and never returned, loosing contact with his two brothers.

Despite being extremely wealthy, he likes to find excuses to cut costs in certain areas of his and his family’s life, such as potentially sending his children to Zanzibar; a comprehensive school with a dodgy reputation, when they go to Secondary school despite the fact that he can afford to have them privately educated.

He is usually the voice of reason in any given situation, always remaining calm even if everyone else around him is panicking.

If there’s one person in the village you’d want as your friend, it would be Dave Peterson.

Sarah Peterson

Journalist and columnist for the Guardian and Dave’s wife.

The COVID-19 lockdown doesn’t mean much to her as she works from home anyway; writing her columns on her laptop in her spacious living room. The only downside being that she can’t currently go to the local pub for a drink as it’s closed.

Her father is the infamous lawyer Terome Lancaster, also known as the scariest man in England. He’s aware of this and uses it to his advantage, deciding to ride his black stallion Prince instead of driving a car as it makes him more terrifying when he rides into town.

She has a tendency to empathise and sympathise with people who other people believe do not deserve empathy of sympathy; such as the young man who runs a B&B nearby who most people presume is a psychopath due to his highly introverted lifestyle.

Eleanor Peterson

Dave and Sarah’s daughter. Wise beyond her years and unusually intelligent for a 10 year old. She’s currently in year 5 at Castle Hill Preparatory School but is secretly longing for the days when she’s old enough to roam the cloisters of Oxford, the university she hopes to go to one day.

Will Peterson

Dave and Sarah’s son and Eleanor’s younger brother. He has an extremely hyperactive imagination, instinctively coming up with crazy explanations for ordinary situations, which always get disproved by Eleanor, who knows his ideas are ludicrous. He is currently in year 3 at Castle Hill Preparatory school, although right now most of his lessons are either on zoom or taught by his parents to the best of their ability (which isn’t much)

John Granger

The publican of the Hangman’s Noose, the 15th century pub in the village which has been run by 21 generations of his family since it opened in 1470, making him the only resident of Lower Strangling who has lived there his whole life, besides Will and Eleanor.

His obsession and devotion to the pub and his family’s legacy become too much for his wife who divorced him in 1991 and ran away to Bristol with a man who is currently planning on becoming the Liberal Democrat MP for Bristol East. To this day, John has been unmarried and is in no rush to remarry or find love.

He and his wife also have a daughter who lives in Hampstead, Adele Granger; a passionate vegan who disapproves of her fathers commitment to serving meat in the Hangman’s Noose and wants to work with him to make the pub vegan, something he is reluctant to do.

The Rev. Simon Abernathy

The Parish Priest of St Gerald the Damned, the church in the centre of the village. He is passionate about his job and his commitment to Christ, although his relationship with God has never been as strong as it was when he was on sabbatical on Lindisfarne island, a place he wants to return to eventually.

He is also passionate about the history of the village and acts as it’s mayor, organising various village events such as the Lower Strangling Regency Festival and running the villages website.

He is also a massive lover of Sci-Fi, owning every Star Wars film and every Doctor Who episode from William Hartnell to Jodie Whittaker that are currently available on DVD.

Jo Whitely

The sole gardener of the beautiful Lower Strangling Botanic Gardens. She has an encyclopaedia of plant knowledge, if you want to know anything about plants, she’s your woman.

Originally from Edinburgh, she has worked at all of the major gardens in the UK, including the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh and Kew and Oxford Botanic Garden where she met her girlfriend, Janet Foster, who was studying Criminology and Criminal Justice at the time.

Jo also runs Lower Strangling Lavender, a lavender gift shop just a few miles out of the village which sells various products such as lavender soap and lavender shower gel made from lavender grown in the lavender field next door.

Janet Foster

Jo’s girlfriend who eventually wants to train at Scotland Yard’s Criminal Investigation Department Training Academy and become a Detective Inspector.

She originally came from a working class farm in Yorkshire and suddenly elevated into a middle class society she hasn’t properly accustomed to yet.

She became vegan after a traumatic incident in her youth involving witnessing her father slaughtering the spring piglets. To this day she wakes up to the sound of squealing piglets, but is learning to cope with it through therapy sessions with Jennifer Ellacott, her psychotherapist in Leamington Spa.

Hans Hoggunhoffer

The local butcher of Lower Strangling originally from Augsburg, Germany. He provides the meat that John uses at the Hangman’s Noose, which is as local as is humanly possible, as John would like it to be.

Bruce Richardson

The local Hog Killer hired by John to sneak into local farmland and hunt produce for Hans to prepare, something that has made local farmers suspicious of John and his practises.

Originally from Tooraweenah in New South Wales, Australia, Bruce made a career traveling the world hunting every kind of animal you can imagine before settling in Lower Strangling; the English equivalent of his native Tooraweenah. He house is adorned with the stuffed bodies of all the animals he’s killed over the years.

Robert Sherman

The local brewer and John’s best friend. He lives in the brewery just outside Lower Strangling in the middle of nowhere, over looking the River Avon. He provides the beer and ale for the Hangman’s Noose, like his predecessors have done for 155 years. One of the drinks he brews is Throckmorton Ale, the ale that Lower Strangling is known for. You can’t leave the village without drinking it at the Hangman’s Noose.

Paul Stiller

The local wine merchant and John’s other best friend. He provides the wine for the Hangman’s Noose which he stores in his vast wine cellar. Since the pub is currently closed, he’s selling his wine directly to the other villagers.

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