Happy Anniversary, Dr Trout

Dr Scamander Trout had been in New Bedlam Hospital for the Criminally Insane for only a year, but it felt like eternity.

Only his drawings of various landmarks from his former home of Oxford reminded him of his life as a psychiatrist on Terra Firma, that plus his plans to finally escape New Bedlam and return to the surface.

But for now he was content in his small cell.

Time had no meaning anymore, all Dr Trout knew was what was currently happening at that exact moment. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were simply plates of food he was given throughout the day. The food was nice, but it was not his favourite food; human.

Today of all day’s was no exception, Dr Trout did what he did every day; draw Oxford landmarks whilst Nigel Farage rabbited on about random things a few cells down.

Dr Trout managed to ignore him when he lived above ground, but now near the Earth’s core there was no escaping him. But he didn’t mind, he’d got used to Nigel’s dulcet tones.

Suddenly, some fully armed Police officers with guns, tasers, and batons walked down the corridor as they did every day. They wore very thick jackets that were bullet proof but also had air conditioners fitted inside them in order to keep the guards cool whilst they were down near the centre of the Earth.

Following on from them was a man in his mid fifties wearing a thick lab coat that was also fitted with an air conditioner; Stanley Malvern Chief Administrator of New Bedlam.

As soon as Dr Trout saw Stanley, he knew he was here for him.

Stanley very rarely visited the patients below ground, and when he did it was only to meet Dr Trout. Stanley seemed to be obsessed with him and considered him his prized possession, but he also treated him as an animal to experiment on.

“Dr Trout, good morning.” Stanley said as he reached Dr Trout’s cell.

“Good morning, Dr Malvern. How lovely it is to see you again.”

“Interesting drawing,” Stanley said, “Radcliffe Camera, I’d recognise it anywhere.”

“Indeed,” Dr Trout said. “My drawings are what I have instead of a view.”

“Hmm,” Stanley responded.

“I presume you’re here to examine my brain again?” Dr Trout asked.

“Indeed. We’re hoping you’ll be more co-operative this time, and not use it as an excuse to add to your already expansive Origami collection.” Stanley said, gesturing the array of paper animals Dr Trout had created using his psychological test papers.

“I will try,” Dr Trout said.

Stanley looked at Dr Trout for a moment.

“Bring him out,” Stanley ordered.

The Police offers then strapped Dr Trout to a chair lift and placed a face guard on him. They then pushed him out of his cell. Dr Malvern followed on.

Later on, Dr Trout was placed in a room opposite a Doctor in a smart suit and pencil dress.

“Ok, Scamander, I’m sure you know how Rorschach works,” the Doctors said.

“I know it very well, I used it for my own clients back in Oxford. I am in fact quite bored of it, but at least the ducks get some friends.” Dr Trout said.

The Doctor did not respond, but simply put down the different picture cards in front of Dr Trout.

“Just tell me what you see in the various ink blots please,” the Doctor said.

“Hmm,” Dr Trout said before examining the ink blots. For a moment it seemed he was willing to co-operating, but it was only a facade.

“Fine. Let’s try Thematic Apperception,” the Doctor said whilst putting Dr Trout’s neat Origami Swans to one side.

She then put down various picture cards showing various scenes in front of Dr Trout.

“Again, tell me a story regarding the images. What happened before the photo was taken? What is happening? What are the people feeling? What happened afterwards?” The Doctor explained.

“Yes, yes. I know. I studied Psychology at Oxford before having a very successful career as a psychiatrist for many years before I lost my job for reasons that should be obvious by now,” Dr Trout said.

The Doctor simply glared at Dr Trout. “Just do the test, Scamander.”

Again, Dr Trout examined each scene closely. Perhaps this time he’ll respond. But instead he simply folded each photo into a different type of Swan.

“You know, I had a good feeling about today, I really did.” Stanley said to Dr Trout after the latter had been returned to his cell.

Dr Trout simply stared at Stanley.

“I used to think you were a great man, now I’m beginning to think you’re simply a bastard,” Stanley said before returning to his much colder office above ground.

Dr Trout placed his new birds onto his table with his existing selection of Origami Swans, put his drawing of the Radcliffe Camera to one side, and begun drawing a picture of the Sheldonian Theatre as seen from his office window above Blackwell’s Bookshop.

“Next time, laminate the picture cards!” Stanley said to the Doctor who tested Dr Trout.

“I’ll keep that in mind,” the Doctor said before leaving Stanley.

Stanley sat at his desk and sighed.

One day, he’ll understand Dr Scamander Trout, Stanley thought.

Yes, one day.

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