Father’s Day At the Tower

“It’s odd to think that the country’s most dangerous people are below our feet right now,” John said as he observed the wildflowers that were currently surrounding the iconic tower of London. “Yeah. You just wouldn’t have known if you didn’t know already,” Adele, John’s daughter, said. John had not visited the Tower, or LondonContinue reading “Father’s Day At the Tower”

The Sectioning of Dr Scamander Trout

After a few months building it, New Bedlam Hospital for the Criminally Insane was finally ready to accept its new patients. Housed deep beneath the infamous Tower of London near the earth’s core, it was built specifically for English prisoners believed to be too insane for regular prisons. Everyone in England, including the residents ofContinue reading “The Sectioning of Dr Scamander Trout”