The Beer Delivery

“I see you’ve decided to be healthy today.” John said as Robert cycled up to the Hangman’s Noose with a trailer filled with crates of Throckmorton Ale behind him.

“Indeed,” Robert said, getting off his bike and moving to the trailer on the back. “I want to only use the car when I really need to, fuel is currently a rare commodity as you well know.”

Robert picked up a large crate of beer and placed it next to John.

“I’m sure the fuel shortage isn’t that bad currently, is it?” John asked. “I thought more stations were opening up.”

“Possibly. But it’s best to be cautious.” Robert said.

He then looked back at his bike. “Besides, this is more environmentally friendly than using the car which will help avert the impending climate crisis that we should also be worrying about.”

“Ok,” John said. “Right. Let’s get these into the pub.”

“Sure,” Robert said.

After they’d both transported the heavy boxes to the back of the pub, John and Robert emptying them and filled the barrels.

“That should be enough beer for Bruce’s birthday party.” John said.

“Shouldn’t we have gone for Foster’s? Sure he would prefer something to remind him of home?” Robert asked.

“He prefers Throckmorton Ale.” John said. “He told me it was the best beer he’s every tasted.”

“Did he really say that?” Robert asked.

“Yes. He’s told me several times.” John said.

“Oh.” Robert said. “He never told me that.”

“That’s because you’ve never been in the room to hear it.” John said.

“You’re having me on, aren’t you?” Robert said.

“No, I’m not. It’s true.” John said.

“Oh. Ok, then.” Robert said. “Good thing I haven’t bought him a six pack of Foster’s for his birthday.”

“I’m sure he won’t mind if you have.” John said. “Although I think he drinks enough alcohol as it is.”

“You can say that again.” Robert said.

“Yeah.” John responded.

After all the beer had been put safely in the pub, John and Robert vacated the premises.

“Is Simon alright?” Robert asked, noticing the Vicar in the churchyard, looking mournfully at a gravestone. “A relative or friend of his hasn’t died, have they?”

“No, no. He’s fine.” John said. “He’s just thinking about the Bond film.”

“What, still?” Robert asked. “He watched it a few days ago.”

“Yes, and it’s left an impression on him.” John said. “He’s still taking time to mull it over.”

“Have you watched it yet?” Robert said.

“Tomorrow.” John said. “I may need to close the pub for a few days afterwards, so I can think about the film.”

“Really?” Robert asked.

“No.” John said.

“Right.” Robert said. “Personally I’m not bothered about the film. Connery was and is the best Bond.”

“If you say so,” John said.

“Hmm.” Robert said. “Right, I’m going back to the brewery, I have more beer to brew.”

“Sure.” John said. “Your journey back should be easier than your journey here.”

“Yeah.” Robert said. “Bye.”

“Bye.” John said, watching Robert as he cycled back to the brewery.

After Robert disappeared down Economy drive, John went back into the pub, ready for another days work.

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