Dave Peterson and the Two Eurovision parties

Like most people, Dave Peterson liked to keep his work and personal lives as separate as possible. The only time in the year where that was virtually impossible was the Lower Strangling Village Fete; where he promoted Banana and their electronic devices, occasionally alongside his work colleague Liam. But this year, Dave decided do toContinue reading “Dave Peterson and the Two Eurovision parties”

Back In the Noose

When John Granger finally returned to his natural habitat; behind the bar of the Hangman’s Noose, Lower Strangling’s signature pub, he was a lot more worried than he thought he’d be. The thought of the new pervasive variant of COVID found in India that was rapidly spreading through England was at the front of hisContinue reading “Back In the Noose”

Chaos at the Lower Strangling Village Hustings

It was a rainy Tuesday evening, and the residents of Lower Strangling gathered in the Village Hall for what was without a doubt the worst evening of the year; the Lower Strangling Hustings. Every election, no matter how big or small, Lower Strangling invited the candidate from each major party to address potential voters. ButContinue reading “Chaos at the Lower Strangling Village Hustings”

The Vegan Pagan’s Birthday BBQ

“Now then. That one’s for meat, the other is for vegan food.” John said to his vegan daughter, Adele, whilst showing her the two barbecues in front of them. “Do you have to have two barbecues?” Adele asked her omnivorous father, “I’m sure no one would mind eating vegan food for one meal. It’s notContinue reading “The Vegan Pagan’s Birthday BBQ”

The Al Fresco Fiasco

“Well, it’s all good to go,” John said as he observed the tables and chairs laid out in the Hangman’s Noose’s beer garden, ready for when the first visitors arrive. “Are you sure about Philip over there?” Simon asked John whilst looking at the large portrait of the recently deceased Duke of Edinburgh displayed onContinue reading “The Al Fresco Fiasco”

The Vicar’s Lent

It was the thirty eighth day of Lent, and the Rev Simon Abernathy was beginning to regret his life choices. He didn’t know why he wanted to be crucified in a Passion Play, but somehow he did. Luckily the rest of the PCC had voted against it. John had suggested a bake sale, but SimonContinue reading “The Vicar’s Lent”

The Wine Merchant’s Lent

It was the twelfth day of Lent, and Paul Stiller was already craving a creme egg. And he was in luck, as Simon had a little treat for everyone at the PCC. “Look what I have,” Simon told them as he held up a small egg. The other councillors stared at the egg like aContinue reading “The Wine Merchant’s Lent”

Vicar Publican Butcher Spy

Not for the first time in his life, the Reverend Simon Abernathy was alone on his birthday. Usually he had the village round for a birthday meal, but due to COVID that was now impossible. So he was alone in his living room, in front of a pile of cards and presents given to himContinue reading “Vicar Publican Butcher Spy”

The Vicar’s Meditation

Deep in the heart of Lower Strangling’s infamous and unique Botanic Garden, lied a small rectangular courtyard. It had a pond and a lawn, with beautiful borders filled with colour on either side, and its own sundial. It is here, where the Reverend Simon Abernathy liked to sit underneath one of the duck egg blueContinue reading “The Vicar’s Meditation”

The Reality Check of Lower Strangling

“I wonder whether the Blood of Christ could cure Coronavirus?”, thought the Rev. Simon Abernathy to himself as he polished that most famous of cups; the Holy Grail, in the extension created especially for it at the back of St Gerald the Damned, the Holy Lance forever floating above it, eternally dripping Christ’s blood downContinue reading “The Reality Check of Lower Strangling”