The Christmas Planchette Seance

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Dave Peterson said as his family sat around the Ouija Board in the candlelit living room of their manor. “Simon’s going to kill us.” “If the vicar bothers us, leave him to me.” Terome said. “Ok,” Dave said, dreading to think what Terome would do if left with theContinue reading “The Christmas Planchette Seance”

The Mystery of the Stain

“I see that stain is still there.” Dave Peterson said to his father-in-law, Terome Lancaster, referring to the ominous dark stain on the wooden floor of the Lancaster’s library. “It is, yes.” Terome said. “I’ve given up trying to remove it. It’s probably going to stay there forever.” The stain had been there when theContinue reading “The Mystery of the Stain”

The Trial of Christopher Shakespeare

Continues from The Squatter in the Lavender Shop. It only took Stuart Kennedy and Warwickshire Police just over a day to find Christopher Shakespeare, who was having a coffee in Coffee #1, loving referred to by people of the acting profession as the ABC cafe. (Actor’s Budget Cafe). Christopher willingly went with the Police, knowingContinue reading “The Trial of Christopher Shakespeare”

The Squatter in the Lavender Shop

Continues on from The Body in the Lavender Field and The Case of the Severed Arm. “Hmm, nothing out of the ordinary here.” Janet said to Jo as they observed Lower Strangling’s Lavender field. “Good, I don’t want a repeat of last year,” Jo said. Lower Strangling’s lavender shop, Lower Strangling Lavender, had been closedContinue reading “The Squatter in the Lavender Shop”

The Body in the Lavender Field

Since the government were beginning to ease the COVID-19 lockdown and John was getting ready to reopen the Hangman’s Noose, Jo Whitley decided to start opening up Lower Strangling Lavender; the village’s signature lavender gift shop just outside the village, which had been closed since March when the lockdown was put in place. When sheContinue reading “The Body in the Lavender Field”