Noah Campbell and the Legal Papers

The rain poured onto the historic Cornish fishing village of Port Wenn, and the sea bashed the boats in the harbour and the harbour wall. Dave Peterson safely observed the wild sea through the window by his seat in Mr Magorium’s Fish Emporium; Port Wenn’s signature fish restaurant owned and set up by leading celebrityContinue reading “Noah Campbell and the Legal Papers”

The Assistant Chief Constable’s Birthday

The people of Leamington Spa were shocked to discover the local Wetherspoon’s blocked off with police cars and armed police officers. Everyone wondered what was going on. Was the pub a target for terrorism? Had a burglary happened? Did a bar fight between several people who’d had too much to drink go way out ofContinue reading “The Assistant Chief Constable’s Birthday”

Drama at the Chief Constable’s Birthday Gathering

“Is everything to your satisfaction?” Charles Thompson, the owner of the Golden Pheasant; the five star luxury hotel in Upper Strangling, Lower Strangling’s more commercialised neighbour, asked Warwickshire Police’s Chief Constable Stuart Kennedy whilst looking at a buffet full of high quality food. “Yes. Everything is top quality as it always is, Charles,” Stuart said.Continue reading “Drama at the Chief Constable’s Birthday Gathering”

The Squatter in the Lavender Shop

Continues on from The Body in the Lavender Field and The Case of the Severed Arm. “Hmm, nothing out of the ordinary here.” Janet said to Jo as they observed Lower Strangling’s Lavender field. “Good, I don’t want a repeat of last year,” Jo said. Lower Strangling’s lavender shop, Lower Strangling Lavender, had been closedContinue reading “The Squatter in the Lavender Shop”

The Miserables

Early morning in Leamington Spa and The Parade was blocked off, not to ensure Social Distancing measures could be followed, but because the entire contents of Lee Longlands was sprawled out in a pile in the middle of the road; like a barricade. On top of the barricade and behind it, were several disgruntled actorsContinue reading “The Miserables”

Anarchy at the VE Day Memorial Service

The sun was shining on the picturesque Warwickshire village of Lower Strangling. Usually at this time of year the village was teeming with tourists, but today not even the residents were out and about. This was due to the British government issuing a lockdown on the entire country following an outbreak of a deadly diseaseContinue reading “Anarchy at the VE Day Memorial Service”