A Playwright Walks Into A Pub

Maude Lexington sat silently at a table in the Hangman’s Noose, observing the people around her whilst discreetly writing in her notebook. Maude was very good at being invisible. She sat silently in the background whilst everyone else crumbled around her, only to ruin their reputation by writing a play that portrayed them in aContinue reading “A Playwright Walks Into A Pub”

The Assistant Chief Constable’s Birthday

The people of Leamington Spa were shocked to discover the local Wetherspoon’s blocked off with police cars and armed police officers. Everyone wondered what was going on. Was the pub a target for terrorism? Had a burglary happened? Did a bar fight between several people who’d had too much to drink go way out ofContinue reading “The Assistant Chief Constable’s Birthday”

The Vegan Pagan’s Birthday BBQ

“Now then. That one’s for meat, the other is for vegan food.” John said to his vegan daughter, Adele, whilst showing her the two barbecues in front of them. “Do you have to have two barbecues?” Adele asked her omnivorous father, “I’m sure no one would mind eating vegan food for one meal. It’s notContinue reading “The Vegan Pagan’s Birthday BBQ”

Conversations in the Hangman’s Noose

“It’s crazy, all these people in masks. You would have thought we were in the middle of a pandemic,” said one of the first few visitors to Lower Strangling to have a pint in the Hangman’s Noose since March. “Well, that’s because we are”, replied John, the publican, as he poured another pint of ThrockmortonContinue reading “Conversations in the Hangman’s Noose”