Deluge at the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations

It was the first Sunday in a month of five Sundays, and the residents of Lower Strangling plus some people from nearby sat along a long table covered in a Union Jack tablecloth, eating a meal to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee whilst also raising money for the people suffering the most from the cost-of-living crisis.Continue reading “Deluge at the Platinum Jubilee Celebrations”

John Granger and the Summer Solstice

Of all the ways John Granger thought he’d be celebrating his 57th birthday, standing on Hampstead Heath at 4AM with his daughter and four of her friends waiting for the sun to rise was not one of them. Adele, John’s daughter, originally planned for a large gathering on the Heath with her Pagan Brethren toContinue reading “John Granger and the Summer Solstice”

The Vegan Pagan’s Birthday BBQ

“Now then. That one’s for meat, the other is for vegan food.” John said to his vegan daughter, Adele, whilst showing her the two barbecues in front of them. “Do you have to have two barbecues?” Adele asked her omnivorous father, “I’m sure no one would mind eating vegan food for one meal. It’s notContinue reading “The Vegan Pagan’s Birthday BBQ”

The Publican’s Lent

It was the thirtieth day of lent, and John Granger was wishing he’d been more defensive of his charity bake sale. Had he been more assertive at that initial PCC meeting, they would all have been outside the pub last Friday, selling home made cakes, biscuits and brownies, wearing comical Red Noses and being generallyContinue reading “The Publican’s Lent”

Christmas in Lower Strangling

It was finally Christmas Day, and the village of Lower Strangling once again looked like a quintessential Christmas card image, underneath a blanket of pure white snow. It was the highlight of what was otherwise a pretty dismal week. For the first time pretty much ever, the villagers were at home alone during the ChristmasContinue reading “Christmas in Lower Strangling”

Father’s Day in Lower Strangling

“Ah, how thoughtful”, said Dave as he opened the white mystery cardboard box that had been given to him by Will and Eleanor for father’s day, revealing three magnum bottles of wine, which most likely had come from Paul’s wine cellar, “thanks guys.” “No problem”, Will and Eleanor replied in unison. Dave and Sarah chuckled.Continue reading “Father’s Day in Lower Strangling”