The Mystery of the Stain

“I see that stain is still there.” Dave Peterson said to his father-in-law, Terome Lancaster, referring to the ominous dark stain on the wooden floor of the Lancaster’s library. “It is, yes.” Terome said. “I’ve given up trying to remove it. It’s probably going to stay there forever.” The stain had been there when theContinue reading “The Mystery of the Stain”

Christmas in Lower Strangling

It was finally Christmas Day, and the village of Lower Strangling once again looked like a quintessential Christmas card image, underneath a blanket of pure white snow. It was the highlight of what was otherwise a pretty dismal week. For the first time pretty much ever, the villagers were at home alone during the ChristmasContinue reading “Christmas in Lower Strangling”

The Assassination of Harry Taylor

Bishops Sedgecester, Kent- 8th December 1980. 08:30AM GMT The snow fell onto the small village of Bishops Sedgecester in Kent, turning it into a traditional Christmas card image. The leaves were off their trees and the Christmas lights were on the picturesque houses, which were shrouded in mist. Slightly set back from the road andContinue reading “The Assassination of Harry Taylor”

Being Sarah Peterson

The rain poured down on Lower Strangling as September turned into October. Guardian journalist Sarah Peterson could hear the raindrops patting on her 15th Century Manor as she sat in her cosy living room, writing her review of the recent Conservative Party Conference in which they turned from a British political party to a clichedContinue reading “Being Sarah Peterson”