The Second Banana Office Christmas (Zoom) Party

“Well, here we go again,” Dave said and he and his wife Sarah sat in their living room waiting for the Zoom meeting to start, like they did exactly a year ago. “Yeah.” Sarah said. “To be honest I’d hoped we’d have been able to do this in person this year.” “Me too,” Dave said.Continue reading “The Second Banana Office Christmas (Zoom) Party”

Dave Peterson and the Two Eurovision parties

Like most people, Dave Peterson liked to keep his work and personal lives as separate as possible. The only time in the year where that was virtually impossible was the Lower Strangling Village Fete; where he promoted Banana and their electronic devices, occasionally alongside his work colleague Liam. But this year, Dave decided do toContinue reading “Dave Peterson and the Two Eurovision parties”

Easter in Lower Strangling

The sun shone brightly over Lower Strangling, as Easter finally arrived. But before the villagers could enjoy the sun and the hot weather, they had an Easter zoom service to attend. Dave, Sarah, Will, and Eleanor Peterson sat in the living room of their manor, as Dave, who was in charge of the technical sideContinue reading “Easter in Lower Strangling”

The Publican’s Lent

It was the thirtieth day of lent, and John Granger was wishing he’d been more defensive of his charity bake sale. Had he been more assertive at that initial PCC meeting, they would all have been outside the pub last Friday, selling home made cakes, biscuits and brownies, wearing comical Red Noses and being generallyContinue reading “The Publican’s Lent”

The Banana Technician’s Lent

It was the eighteenth day of Lent, and Dave Peterson was beginning to mentally plan his PCC resignation announcement ready for the next APCM. He’d initially voted to flagellate himself on the basis that it would stop Simon from being crucified as his proposed passion play. Now, eighteen days in, Dave was beginning to wonderContinue reading “The Banana Technician’s Lent”

Paul Stiller and the 300-Year-Old Madeira Terrantez

It was 23:35 on New Year’s Eve, and Paul Stiller, Lower Strangling’s wine merchant, stood at the foot of his extensive wine cellar, wondering what to drink. Usually, the villagers congregated at the Vicarage for a New Year’s Eve Bash organised by Simon, but due to the ongoing pandemic they had to ring in theContinue reading “Paul Stiller and the 300-Year-Old Madeira Terrantez”

Christmas in Lower Strangling

It was finally Christmas Day, and the village of Lower Strangling once again looked like a quintessential Christmas card image, underneath a blanket of pure white snow. It was the highlight of what was otherwise a pretty dismal week. For the first time pretty much ever, the villagers were at home alone during the ChristmasContinue reading “Christmas in Lower Strangling”

Life Under Lockdown

Dave Peterson sat on the sofa in his living room, drumming his fingers on his laptop as he waited for his work Zoom meeting to start. Dave was a technician at Banana, the biggest technology company in the UK and the second biggest in the world behind Apple, he job involved coming up with newContinue reading “Life Under Lockdown”