The Search for Evidence

Ever since finding Nazi memorabilia in his loft, Simon was determined to find out who owned them. During his free time (even his non-free time) Simon scoured the internet and various documents to find any sign of a Nazi sympathiser in Lower Strangling to no avail. Until he had an idea; the parish records. ThereContinue reading “The Search for Evidence”

The Vicar’s Shocking Discovery

Although it was only February, the Rev. Simon Abernathy started his spring cleaning early, as he had nothing else to do. The loft at the vicarage was a place Simon had rarely ventured into since he moved in over 30 years ago, and he felt it was time to see what was in there andContinue reading “The Vicar’s Shocking Discovery”

Chaos on Candlemas

Dave Peterson sat in his dark candlelit living room on his laptop as yet another Village Council Zoom meeting was taking place. Several items had already been mentioned, such as another failed attempt by Simon to get the statue of the Virgin Mary finally removed from the Botanic Gardens, and when the hustings for theContinue reading “Chaos on Candlemas”

The Virgin Mary Situation

The members of the Lower Strangling Village Council; Dave Peterson, John Granger, Robert Sherman, Paul Stiller, Hans Hoggunhoffer, Janet Foster, Bruce Richardson, and Simon Abernathy, were once again sitting in the Village Hall, albeit in a much wider circle with each councillor two meters apart. “Right, I think everyone is here. Shall we begin theContinue reading “The Virgin Mary Situation”

Life Under Lockdown

Dave Peterson sat on the sofa in his living room, drumming his fingers on his laptop as he waited for his work Zoom meeting to start. Dave was a technician at Banana, the biggest technology company in the UK and the second biggest in the world behind Apple, he job involved coming up with newContinue reading “Life Under Lockdown”