Paul Stiller and the 300-Year-Old Madeira Terrantez

It was 23:35 on New Year’s Eve, and Paul Stiller, Lower Strangling’s wine merchant, stood at the foot of his extensive wine cellar, wondering what to drink. Usually, the villagers congregated at the Vicarage for a New Year’s Eve Bash organised by Simon, but due to the ongoing pandemic they had to ring in theContinue reading “Paul Stiller and the 300-Year-Old Madeira Terrantez”

Father’s Day in Lower Strangling

“Ah, how thoughtful”, said Dave as he opened the white mystery cardboard box that had been given to him by Will and Eleanor for father’s day, revealing three magnum bottles of wine, which most likely had come from Paul’s wine cellar, “thanks guys.” “No problem”, Will and Eleanor replied in unison. Dave and Sarah chuckled.Continue reading “Father’s Day in Lower Strangling”