Back In the Noose

When John Granger finally returned to his natural habitat; behind the bar of the Hangman’s Noose, Lower Strangling’s signature pub, he was a lot more worried than he thought he’d be. The thought of the new pervasive variant of COVID found in India that was rapidly spreading through England was at the front of hisContinue reading “Back In the Noose”

The Wine Merchant’s Lent

It was the twelfth day of Lent, and Paul Stiller was already craving a creme egg. And he was in luck, as Simon had a little treat for everyone at the PCC. “Look what I have,” Simon told them as he held up a small egg. The other councillors stared at the egg like aContinue reading “The Wine Merchant’s Lent”

Paul Stiller and the 300-Year-Old Madeira Terrantez

It was 23:35 on New Year’s Eve, and Paul Stiller, Lower Strangling’s wine merchant, stood at the foot of his extensive wine cellar, wondering what to drink. Usually, the villagers congregated at the Vicarage for a New Year’s Eve Bash organised by Simon, but due to the ongoing pandemic they had to ring in theContinue reading “Paul Stiller and the 300-Year-Old Madeira Terrantez”