The Wine Merchant’s Lent

It was the twelfth day of Lent, and Paul Stiller was already craving a creme egg. And he was in luck, as Simon had a little treat for everyone at the PCC. “Look what I have,” Simon told them as he held up a small egg. The other councillors stared at the egg like aContinue reading “The Wine Merchant’s Lent”

The Earl and the Crown

Francis Garett, Earl of Warwick, sat on his red velvet sofa in the magnificent Cedar Drawing room of his imposing castle, grinning manically at his 50″ Smart 4K Ultra HD HDR LED TV, as a young Prince Charles had yet another argument with a young Princess Diana in the Australian outback on screen. You see,Continue reading “The Earl and the Crown”

Being Sarah Peterson

The rain poured down on Lower Strangling as September turned into October. Guardian journalist Sarah Peterson could hear the raindrops patting on her 15th Century Manor as she sat in her cosy living room, writing her review of the recent Conservative Party Conference in which they turned from a British political party to a clichedContinue reading “Being Sarah Peterson”