Being Sarah Peterson

The rain poured down on Lower Strangling as September turned into October. Guardian journalist Sarah Peterson could hear the raindrops patting on her 15th Century Manor as she sat in her cosy living room, writing her review of the recent Conservative Party Conference in which they turned from a British political party to a clichedContinue reading “Being Sarah Peterson”

John Granger and the 10PM Curfew

21:50:00; John Granger stared at his watch as the seconds came and went, oblivious to the fact that there were still people wanting a drink. “Oi, I’m waiting for a drink here!”, a man sitting at the bar yelled at John. “What? Ah yes, sorry”, John replied before pouring the man yet another pint. John’sContinue reading “John Granger and the 10PM Curfew”