The Christmas Planchette Seance

“I can’t believe we’re doing this.” Dave Peterson said as his family sat around the Ouija Board in the candlelit living room of their manor. “Simon’s going to kill us.” “If the vicar bothers us, leave him to me.” Terome said. “Ok,” Dave said, dreading to think what Terome would do if left with theContinue reading “The Christmas Planchette Seance”

The Second Banana Office Christmas (Zoom) Party

“Well, here we go again,” Dave said and he and his wife Sarah sat in their living room waiting for the Zoom meeting to start, like they did exactly a year ago. “Yeah.” Sarah said. “To be honest I’d hoped we’d have been able to do this in person this year.” “Me too,” Dave said.Continue reading “The Second Banana Office Christmas (Zoom) Party”

Christmas in Lower Strangling

It was finally Christmas Day, and the village of Lower Strangling once again looked like a quintessential Christmas card image, underneath a blanket of pure white snow. It was the highlight of what was otherwise a pretty dismal week. For the first time pretty much ever, the villagers were at home alone during the ChristmasContinue reading “Christmas in Lower Strangling”

The Banana Office Christmas (Zoom) Party

Dave and Sarah Peterson sat in their Christmas-decked living room of their Christmas-decked manor, waiting for their Zoom meeting to start. The room was eerily silent, in fact the whole manor was, as Will and Eleanor were asleep in their respective rooms, and Dave and Sarah were too transfixed on the laptop screen to talkContinue reading “The Banana Office Christmas (Zoom) Party”

The Assassination of Harry Taylor

Bishops Sedgecester, Kent- 8th December 1980. 08:30AM GMT The snow fell onto the small village of Bishops Sedgecester in Kent, turning it into a traditional Christmas card image. The leaves were off their trees and the Christmas lights were on the picturesque houses, which were shrouded in mist. Slightly set back from the road andContinue reading “The Assassination of Harry Taylor”