The Vicar’s Lent

It was the thirty eighth day of Lent, and the Rev Simon Abernathy was beginning to regret his life choices. He didn’t know why he wanted to be crucified in a Passion Play, but somehow he did. Luckily the rest of the PCC had voted against it. John had suggested a bake sale, but SimonContinue reading “The Vicar’s Lent”

The Publican’s Lent

It was the thirtieth day of lent, and John Granger was wishing he’d been more defensive of his charity bake sale. Had he been more assertive at that initial PCC meeting, they would all have been outside the pub last Friday, selling home made cakes, biscuits and brownies, wearing comical Red Noses and being generallyContinue reading “The Publican’s Lent”

The Brewer’s Lent

It was the twenty fourth day of Lent, and Robert Sherman was beginning to realise why a lot of people didn’t want to be on the PCC. That being said, he was alright with flogging himself during Lent. Sure, he was doubtful at first, and it was a struggle at the start, but soon itContinue reading “The Brewer’s Lent”

The Banana Technician’s Lent

It was the eighteenth day of Lent, and Dave Peterson was beginning to mentally plan his PCC resignation announcement ready for the next APCM. He’d initially voted to flagellate himself on the basis that it would stop Simon from being crucified as his proposed passion play. Now, eighteen days in, Dave was beginning to wonderContinue reading “The Banana Technician’s Lent”

The Butcher’s Lent

It was the sixth day of Lent, and Hans Hogunhoffer was already wishing it was Sunday every day. As his alarm clock beeped at 06:00 in the morning, Hans groaned, and slowly pulled himself out of bed, trying his best to ignore the stinging pain on his back. He was still tired, as the painContinue reading “The Butcher’s Lent”

Shrove Tuesday at the Peterson’s

It was Shrove Tuesday, and England and Wales were on the verge of war. It began with the discovery that the bluestones at Stonehenge had originally come from a older stone circle in Wales. The First Minster of Wales said in a speech that the discovery showed yet another example of the English taking thingsContinue reading “Shrove Tuesday at the Peterson’s”