Janet’s Blast From the Past

“When are you going to relax and enjoy the pretty flowers?” Jo Whitely said to her girlfriend, Janet, as they walked around RHS Harlow Carr near Harrogate. “When I know for certain that I will not bump into my dad here.” Janet said. “Was your dad particularly keen on visiting gardens?” Jo said. “Not thatContinue reading “Janet’s Blast From the Past”

Happy Birthday, Patrick O’Brien

It was a pleasant October day, and meat business tycoon Patrick O’Brien was comfortably slumped over his business’ financial records in the library of his Warwickshire mansion. Just then, his servant Cordell entered the room, disturbing his piece. In his hand was an envelope. Patrick knew immediately what it was. It was the worst thingContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Patrick O’Brien”

An Australian in Greenwich

When they were growing up in the sandy deserts of Tooraweenah, Bruce Richardson and his friends never thought they’d one day meet each other in leafy Greenwich, looking out over the iconic view of the Queen’s House, the Old Royal Naval College behind it, and the modern skyscrapers of Canary Wharf towering over the wholeContinue reading “An Australian in Greenwich”

The Funeral

It was a sunny September morning in Bishops Sedgecester in Kent, and the local church was packed full of people wanting to bid a final farewell to a man who lived for 46 years in Bishops Sedgecester, despite having lived in Sussex for 30 years; Terrence Peterson. “I see that Steve hasn’t graced us withContinue reading “The Funeral”

The Vicar’s Holiday

“I have missed this,” the Reverend Simon Abernathy said to himself as he sat on a rock next to Lindisfarne Castle overlooking the most beautiful sunset he had ever seen, as the nearby Seals began to sing. Simon had not set foot on Holy Island in over thirty years, but had longed to return. ThisContinue reading “The Vicar’s Holiday”

A Trip to the Garden

Janet Janet Foster owed a debt of gratitude to Oxford Botanic Garden, and Oxford in general. It was here that her life changed for the better. Before she studied Criminology and Criminal Justice at New College, her life had not been very good. She grew up on a farm in Yorkshire, with her mother andContinue reading “A Trip to the Garden”

The Wendy House at the End of the Garden

Renowned meat magnate Patrick O’Brien had a love/hate relationship with the quaint Wendy House at the bottom of his garden. He hated it because it reminded him of his family and his past that he was so trying desperately to forget. He had almost managed to do it, were it not for the Wendy House.Continue reading “The Wendy House at the End of the Garden”