The Pastoral Visit

It was a reasonably pleasant late September afternoon; and the Reverend Simon Abernathy was bored. He’d written his next sermon, he’d planned the whole service even. He’d done everything he needed to do and then some. So now he had nothing to do. He was driving through the wooded lane leading out of Lower StranglingContinue reading “The Pastoral Visit”

The Trial of Christopher Shakespeare

Continues from The Squatter in the Lavender Shop. It only took Stuart Kennedy and Warwickshire Police just over a day to find Christopher Shakespeare, who was having a coffee in Coffee #1, loving referred to by people of the acting profession as the ABC cafe. (Actor’s Budget Cafe). Christopher willingly went with the Police, knowingContinue reading “The Trial of Christopher Shakespeare”

The Mystery of the Severed Arm

“It seems to have been posted this morning”, Simon explained to Janet as they looked at the decomposing severed arm that had just been posted through the vicarage letterbox that morning, “by the looks of things, it must have been hacked off its original owner some time ago.” Janet leaned over the kitchen surface toContinue reading “The Mystery of the Severed Arm”