The Monolith in the Highlands

See also The Monolith in the Graveyard All was peaceful in the Scottish Highlands. The birds sang, the Highland Cattle mooed, the Stags walked around merrily, and the Proclaimers blared out from speakers at the top of Glasgow Castle. “It‘s good to be home,” native Scot Jo Whitley said as she walked up to theContinue reading “The Monolith in the Highlands”

Wroth of the Titans

“Let me get this straight, these people here represent the twenty six villages in the Hundred of Knightlow who owe tax to the Duke of Glasgow?” Noah Campbell, CEO of Banana asked his employee Dave Peterson, who thought Noah would want nothing more for his birthday than to stand in a field in November atContinue reading “Wroth of the Titans”

The Duke’s Spectral Predicament

It was a pleasant Autumnal morning, and Sir Hugo Townsend, the 9th Duke of Knightlow, was miserable. Sir Hugo was miserable most of the time, to the point that it was something of a personality trait, but he was particularly miserable today. Miserable because he’d recently turned 82 and therefore was getting old, miserable becauseContinue reading “The Duke’s Spectral Predicament”

Sir Hugo Townsend and the Invisible Ghost

Sir Hugo Townsend, the 9th Duke of Knightlow, was grumpy almost 100% of the time these days, ever since his wife died of cancer and his children went to university and got lives of their own. He was a recluse, and rarely left the honey coloured Knightlow Hall except to occasionally walk in the groundsContinue reading “Sir Hugo Townsend and the Invisible Ghost”