The Vicar’s Interview

Continues from Chaos at the Lower Strangling Village Hustings. In the end, Humphrey Ellacott won the Warwick District council Warwick North seat for Labour, mainly due to the parents whose children went to the school his son was a teaching assistant at, and liked him. But Labour’s win in Warwick North did not make upContinue reading “The Vicar’s Interview”

Chaos at the Lower Strangling Village Hustings

It was a rainy Tuesday evening, and the residents of Lower Strangling gathered in the Village Hall for what was without a doubt the worst evening of the year; the Lower Strangling Hustings. Every election, no matter how big or small, Lower Strangling invited the candidate from each major party to address potential voters. ButContinue reading “Chaos at the Lower Strangling Village Hustings”