Prospects on the Beach

“Blimey, this A Level fiasco isn’t particularly good is it? Judging kids on their background and not on their academic achievement”, Dave said whilst looking at his phone. The Petersons were on their first holiday of the year visiting Dave’s parents in their house near Rye in East Sussex. They themselves were staying in aContinue reading “Prospects on the Beach”

Rev. Abernathy or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate the Bomb

The villagers of Lower Strangling stood around the War Memorial once again just as they did three months earlier, but this time to remember VJ Day; the day the entire Second World War actually ended. “Today we celebrate the end of the worst war in human history, but we also remember specifically the soldiers fromContinue reading “Rev. Abernathy or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate the Bomb”

The Curious Tale of Patrick O’Brien

For meat magnate Patrick O’Brien, the COVID-19 lockdown was actually beneficiary, for he needed to remain hidden from the prying eyes of the media, the public, and, most importantly, Stuart Kennedy and Warwickshire Police. Patrick O’Brien ran the most successful meat business in England; Paddy O’Brien’s. He had several meat processing factories and abattoirs acrossContinue reading “The Curious Tale of Patrick O’Brien”

Conversations in the Hangman’s Noose

“It’s crazy, all these people in masks. You would have thought we were in the middle of a pandemic,” said one of the first few visitors to Lower Strangling to have a pint in the Hangman’s Noose since March. “Well, that’s because we are”, replied John, the publican, as he poured another pint of ThrockmortonContinue reading “Conversations in the Hangman’s Noose”

The Miserables

Early morning in Leamington Spa and The Parade was blocked off, not to ensure Social Distancing measures could be followed, but because the entire contents of Lee Longlands was sprawled out in a pile in the middle of the road; like a barricade. On top of the barricade and behind it, were several disgruntled actorsContinue reading “The Miserables”

The Contemplation of Noah Campbell

For the first time since moving in, Banana CEO Noah Campbell finally knew that it definitely was a good idea to buy a mansion in Cornwall and commute to London via private helicopter. For him, the COVID-19 lockdown was an absolute doddle, he didn’t need to leave his property at all except to get food,Continue reading “The Contemplation of Noah Campbell”

The Mystery of the Severed Arm

“It seems to have been posted this morning”, Simon explained to Janet as they looked at the decomposing severed arm that had just been posted through the vicarage letterbox that morning, “by the looks of things, it must have been hacked off its original owner some time ago.” Janet leaned over the kitchen surface toContinue reading “The Mystery of the Severed Arm”

The Body in the Lavender Field

Since the government were beginning to ease the COVID-19 lockdown and John was getting ready to reopen the Hangman’s Noose, Jo Whitley decided to start opening up Lower Strangling Lavender; the village’s signature lavender gift shop just outside the village, which had been closed since March when the lockdown was put in place. When sheContinue reading “The Body in the Lavender Field”

Father’s Day in Lower Strangling

“Ah, how thoughtful”, said Dave as he opened the white mystery cardboard box that had been given to him by Will and Eleanor for father’s day, revealing three magnum bottles of wine, which most likely had come from Paul’s wine cellar, “thanks guys.” “No problem”, Will and Eleanor replied in unison. Dave and Sarah chuckled.Continue reading “Father’s Day in Lower Strangling”

An Evening in the Brewery

“Well, that’s enough fighting for racial equality for one day.”, Robert Sherman said to himself as he signed yet another petition that had been emailed to him. He then logged off his laptop and decided to see how the first beer he’d brewed in a few months was doing. Robert probably had the mostContinue reading “An Evening in the Brewery”