Eleanor’s Last Day

Eleanor Peterson’s last day at Castle Hill School was an odd one. It was odd for many reasons. She was leaving the school she had attended for the past eight years, the last year and a half of which was spent at home during a global pandemic, but it was mainly odd because it wasContinue reading “Eleanor’s Last Day”

The Trial of Christopher Shakespeare

Continues from The Squatter in the Lavender Shop. It only took Stuart Kennedy and Warwickshire Police just over a day to find Christopher Shakespeare, who was having a coffee in Coffee #1, loving referred to by people of the acting profession as the ABC cafe. (Actor’s Budget Cafe). Christopher willingly went with the Police, knowingContinue reading “The Trial of Christopher Shakespeare”

The Squatter in the Lavender Shop

Continues on from The Body in the Lavender Field and The Case of the Severed Arm. “Hmm, nothing out of the ordinary here.” Janet said to Jo as they observed Lower Strangling’s Lavender field. “Good, I don’t want a repeat of last year,” Jo said. Lower Strangling’s lavender shop, Lower Strangling Lavender, had been closedContinue reading “The Squatter in the Lavender Shop”

John Granger and the Summer Solstice

Of all the ways John Granger thought he’d be celebrating his 57th birthday, standing on Hampstead Heath at 4AM with his daughter and four of her friends waiting for the sun to rise was not one of them. Adele, John’s daughter, originally planned for a large gathering on the Heath with her Pagan Brethren toContinue reading “John Granger and the Summer Solstice”

A Critic Calls

It was a sunny June morning, and the Hangman’s Noose was almost as it was just over a year ago before the pandemic hit. John Granger quietly cleaned glasses and served customers beer whilst his patrons calmly had their lunch at various tables. All was blissful. But then, a short bald man with glasses inContinue reading “A Critic Calls”

The Wendy House at the End of the Garden

Renowned meat magnate Patrick O’Brien had a love/hate relationship with the quaint Wendy House at the bottom of his garden. He hated it because it reminded him of his family and his past that he was so trying desperately to forget. He had almost managed to do it, were it not for the Wendy House.Continue reading “The Wendy House at the End of the Garden”

Happy Anniversary, Dr Trout

Dr Scamander Trout had been in New Bedlam Hospital for the Criminally Insane for only a year, but it felt like eternity. Only his drawings of various landmarks from his former home of Oxford reminded him of his life as a psychiatrist on Terra Firma, that plus his plans to finally escape New Bedlam andContinue reading “Happy Anniversary, Dr Trout”

Dave Peterson and the Two Eurovision parties

Like most people, Dave Peterson liked to keep his work and personal lives as separate as possible. The only time in the year where that was virtually impossible was the Lower Strangling Village Fete; where he promoted Banana and their electronic devices, occasionally alongside his work colleague Liam. But this year, Dave decided do toContinue reading “Dave Peterson and the Two Eurovision parties”

Back In the Noose

When John Granger finally returned to his natural habitat; behind the bar of the Hangman’s Noose, Lower Strangling’s signature pub, he was a lot more worried than he thought he’d be. The thought of the new pervasive variant of COVID found in India that was rapidly spreading through England was at the front of hisContinue reading “Back In the Noose”

The Vicar’s Interview

Continues from Chaos at the Lower Strangling Village Hustings. In the end, Humphrey Ellacott won the Warwick District council Warwick North seat for Labour, mainly due to the parents whose children went to the school his son was a teaching assistant at, and liked him. But Labour’s win in Warwick North did not make upContinue reading “The Vicar’s Interview”