The Virgin Mary Situation

The members of the Lower Strangling Village Council; Dave Peterson, John Granger, Robert Sherman, Paul Stiller, Hans Hoggunhoffer, Janet Foster, Bruce Richardson, and Simon Abernathy, were once again sitting in the Village Hall, albeit in a much wider circle with each councillor two meters apart. “Right, I think everyone is here. Shall we begin theContinue reading “The Virgin Mary Situation”

Things Return to Normal(ish)

It was early September, and it seemed everything was finally going back to normal after the Covid-19 lockdown. Will and Eleanor were back at Warwick Prep (much to their parents relief), Dave was back in London working for Banana when he wasn’t in Pret, Simon was back preaching in St Gerald the Damned to aContinue reading “Things Return to Normal(ish)”

Rev. Abernathy or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate the Bomb

The villagers of Lower Strangling stood around the War Memorial once again just as they did three months earlier, but this time to remember VJ Day; the day the entire Second World War actually ended. “Today we celebrate the end of the worst war in human history, but we also remember specifically the soldiers fromContinue reading “Rev. Abernathy or: How I Learned to Start Worrying and Hate the Bomb”

Anarchy at the VE Day Memorial Service

The sun was shining on the picturesque Warwickshire village of Lower Strangling. Usually at this time of year the village was teeming with tourists, but today not even the residents were out and about. This was due to the British government issuing a lockdown on the entire country following an outbreak of a deadly diseaseContinue reading “Anarchy at the VE Day Memorial Service”

Residents in Lower Strangling

Dave Peterson Technician at Banana, the biggest technology company in the UK and the second biggest in the world behind Apple; a cushy office job in central London. He also designed the village’s website which is run by Simon Abernathy; the parish priest. He has two brothers, Jeff Peterson; the former lead bassist in influentialContinue reading “Residents in Lower Strangling”